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Hello and Welcome, my name, Stephen Charles Long
I am an award Winning International Author, Artist and Composer.
At this time, I have Five Poetry Books titled the “ Mystic Series.” A Novel, “The Diamond Hill Haunt” as well as Three CD’s, the Newest titled “Long Mystic Journey.” The first CD includes lyrics, featuring one song from Stone Bryson and a co-written song from Beverly J. Raffaele.
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In Loving Memory
Author, artist, and musician Stephen Charles Long passed away April 5, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. In his youth, he was lead guitarist for "Up with People" and several bands throughout his life. He authored several poetry books and a short novel. He had two music cds and a poetry reading cd. Most recently released an art book of his sketches, paintings, charcoals, abstracts, stained glass windows and crosses. He was preceded in death by his parents Charles and Lavern Long. Survived by wife of 36 years, Kay; numerous other family and friends.

Stephen Long's books and music are still available for sale. Please scroll all the way down to view the life's work of this multi-talented writer, artist and musician.

A beautiful book!

The artistry of stained glass artist Stephen Charles Long is rich in color and design. Included are his pencil sketching, digital art and paintings. You will find this work sensitive, surreal, mystical and beautiful.


A beautiful  collaboration of poetry by Stephen Charles Long and Beverly  J Raffaele. Please enjoy the honest, gritty and joyful work of these two published poets.

This is the last book in the Mystic Series, and the last book by Stephen Charles Long. It was published just before his passing. It is filled with his deepest thoughts and put in verse, they are emotionally charged and very touching.

"Mystic Secrets" Within these pages, a part of my spirit is held. As though a prism held to the light, these words hold truth in my life. Never has my poetry reflected a side of me as it does here. I hope that the reader will find a part of themselves here as well; for it is there in reflections that we see the side of ourselves we usually hide. Perhaps others have seen only shades of our light side, and our dark side too. There in those hidden places we often find ourselves and for a lucky few the meaning of their life. I have in this book offered pages for a personnel journal for readers who find inspiration. For it is true that in each soul there dwells a poet. Please join me and enjoy the poetry and create your own.

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The poetic works of Stephen Charles Long. This is the fifth book of poetry in his Mystic Series. Wrought with emotion and esoteric mysticism, it is poetry at its best.

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What needs has life created in your being? How have you perceived love, faith, the mysteries of other beings, and change? How has that shaped who and what you are now and are becoming?
Stephen Charles Long isn't afraid to put into poetic form the darkness that relationships and experience have created in his life as in "Life Among the 
Dead, "...Nothing behind/nothing ahead./Tired of trying to find/life among the dead." At the same time, he is willing to explore love and connection, as in "Life is Good." For he has captured the mystical reality that darkness and light, ugliness and beauty, are each part of the fabric of existence shaping our past, present and future.
Some poems are startlingly and uniquely put, as in "Pyrexia, in which the poet realizes "...In anger I saw/the demise of truth./Only lies remain/nothing else comes forth."
Whether acknowledging needs (a word frequently used in this collection of poems) or the spirit of exploration, Long continues to embrace the lack of control in becoming and the letting go that enables him to say, "Let's try something new/a new path with you."
Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on May 12, 2007
Mystic Realms is available on amazon.com      

Perception can shape time: the past the present, even tomorrow. How we find our way is a journey. The adventure is our setting. The many possibilities are the landmarks. We travel by ship “Cogitation.” We will sail past refuge, past the deluge and into the night in storms and hurricanes and siege with sea creature and spirits in unknown lands. We will prevail with countenance. We will walk on many shores throughout our journey. We will host the unknown and explore the caverns of the mind in battles with fate using hope and courage. For it is here within us all that the magic does truly exist. Mystic Navigation is available on Amazon.com

Mystical, fantasy, and magical subjects presented in art and poetry.  The metaphysical aspect of life in a style that crosses into free verse. A reflection of life’s moments and hopes, from the triumphs and our tragedies. Things that lie between the known and the unknown. Examinations of emotions are explored. Questions of the heart that nags at the soul of man. Experiences common and uncommon to all of us are contemplated in perspectives that may not have been obvious in the beginning. The inquisitive reader may enjoy. When answers lead to more questions and the journey itself emerges as the destination
Mystic Poems is available on Amazon.com
                                            Poetry Narrated

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Second CD from Stephen Charles Long. A mixed genre of songs. Jazz, Rock, Symphony and Country and Western. Written by: Stephen Charles Long, one song co-written with Beverly J. Raffaele, and one additional song written by Stone Bryson.   

We are sorry, Long Mystic Journey is not available right now. 

Where do your beliefs lie? “The Diamond Hill Haunt,”
As a police investigation comes to a halt in an old eerie mansion far from the city. Private detective nathanial Dayton is brought into the case. An old secret torture chamber is soon discovered. With the body count rising all Nathanial needs to do is find the murder and the secret while avoiding the ghost. “The Diamond Hill haunt” sparkles with danger, action, romance, comedy and paranormal mystery!
“Well worth reading my friends, get your copy today!” ...Dallas Review

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As long as love you realize.
My hope is like a shoreline.
So far ahead in the distance
There’s no promise of tomorrow.
Many directions I may follow.
There’s a faith that touches the spirit.
Denying as an inner host
That says all is not lost
As long as love you realize,
My wish is to give you one more reason.
When night’s whisper lies
Of all you have known
As long as love you realize.

Stephen Charles Long ©  2011